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Your Trusted Partner in innovation for dispute resolution in New Zealand

Welcome to The Know Company Limited.

We are seeing rapid changes in the way information and knowledge is collected, captured, created, shared, and used. The Know Co. is creating systems and tools to help businesses and organisations in the dispute resolution sector improve maturity and ultimately thrive amongst these changes.

To do this, The Know Co. wants to foster collaboration and partnership to help the dispute resolution sector with transformation. We do this by creating the infrastructure and the tools you need for success and creating the space to share these with you. We start with what exists, work out what the barriers to success are and where we can improve things. We then build the tools and services that organisations and their clients need to do this successfully.

We are working with Connection and Navigation Service Limited on digital systems for connection, navigation and advocacy, and developing specific services to allow them and their clients to get the information and knowledge they need to realise their vision of facilitating peoples’ access to justice.

We are working with Simply Resolution Limited on digital systems for effective and efficient provision of dispute resolution services to allow them to realise their vision of using their knowledge and experience to help people with resolution.

In 2024, we will be working with the Dispute Resolution Sector in New Zealand and internationally and sharing our models to lead the digital transformation of dispute resolution.

"We know that conflict and dispute are an inevitable part of people’s lives and businesses. We also know that experiences, outcomes and timeliness are three key aspects of a person’s journey as their dispute is created and then resolved. The Know Co. can help you understand and transform journey of all of the people who use your services."